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 Joining Pure.

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PostSubject: Joining Pure.   Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:10 pm

Neutral dont panic.
We dont have "those" restrictions for new members like doing stupid things or lettin them have a bad time. Nah we dont do like that (hmm, well i think KiNG is the kind of guy who would make you feel odd Razz )

But we DO have few things we'd like the new Pure prospects know...and it goes like this:

1) To be an Active player
2) To be talkative and social
3) To be helpfull with other members

So this is the deal.
When a new player joins Pure, Band Leaders will evaluate those 3 points (mentioned above) and 1 week later, they will let me know who they think who should stay in Pure or leaves the band.

We have done this process for 2 weeks now and it has worked choosing our members. We dont like RANDOM invitations cuz that will make a disorder in our band, so that's why we choose them "wisely" (if i might use that word).

Now you know this, have fun in the game
I love you

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Joining Pure.
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