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 Ornaments and Combining Tools

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PostSubject: Ornaments and Combining Tools   Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:51 pm

Have you ever asked what the hell are the ornaments for?
Well i'll try to explain that in this topic.
First of all you will need an ornament, but, what the hell is an ornament?
Ornaments are items which increases or add attributes to your items stats in certain numbers (mov speed+%, att rating+%, life energy increase +%, etc)
These ornaments can be bought at any general store NPC.
Now having an ornament, you willl need a slotted item, either a weapon or cloth.
Slotted items are "hard" to get, (even tho i keep gettin slotted drops everytime Wink), you CANT buy slotted items at stores, so they will be drops or better yet, you could buy them from other players.
However, once you have the ornament and the slotted item, you will need a Combining Tool (which can be bought at any general store NPC aswell) to do the next step.

So, let's say you got a weapon slotted and an ornament, here's the few steps you've to do to get your weapon sexier.

When you get all the things listed before, double click on the Combining Tools icon and a new window will open.

Then move item you want pin ornament to to the combining window and put it in to one of the slots your item have. Repeat until all you want to pin is added in the window, then click on "Bind Ornaments" button. And that's it Smile.

If you have an advice you'd love to share, be my guest. Surprised

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Ornaments and Combining Tools
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